ScanFest & WNF 07/14/20 Update

Scanfest & WNF updates 07/14/20 – We, like most others, are still wading through the uncertainty of the Covid world. Scanfest at Budd Lake, NJ has changed their tentative to NO festival this year. They plan on resuming it in 2021. This of course means we will not be able to be there this year. […]

06-25-20 Update

We are hoping to add a tracing image to the Heimdall Runestone later this evening. We have set up a computer and projector to use for this purpose. It currently is too bright even with cloud cover to see the image on the stone. Hopefully no sudden showers will blow in or through the area. […]

Covid-19 related Update

Many events have been cancelled some into future months. The Renn Fair, County Fair, 4th Fireworks, and more. We realize the health concerns but these events are the bread and butter or main fund raising source for non profits, fire/emt depts, and craft vendors(retirees). We still are planning to hold Winternights Festival in Oct and […]

Update on Video Projects

05/09/20 – The computer used by foundation was switched to Win10. Software that works with it and that could do the tasks we need done at the lowest cost, preferably free, has been added to it. There also was/is a learning curve for using said software and operating system. Fortunately we have made great progress […]

Update on Projects

05/05/2020 – Due to all restrictions doing group activities and/or training still is on hold. The spring rains also have put a damper on working on things as it keeps the ground too soft and duh wet (lol). As to video work we unfortunately have had some issues with our main PC. Reluctantly it seems […]

Freya Update

02/22/20 – We downloaded hours worth of video we have taken so far on the reconstruction of the Freya Runestone. Lots to slice, dice, and edit to make it into a reasonable length instructional video on the process. We looked to see how much, if any, damage occurred from this years freeze & thaw cycles. […]

Update on Video Projects

02/20/2020 – Taking some time to download all the videos we’ve taken for combining and editing. We have several hours of video showing the phases of construction of the Freya Runestone. We also have about 2 hours of video from this years Special Olympics. So far the quality of the video images looks fine but […]

Valentine/Pres Week Skate – Update

02/13/2020 – We were working on getting the rink open for Valentine’s Weekend / Presidents Week skating event even without a generator in place unfortunately with a week of mostly rain, temps well above freezing (spring like) this past week, and likewise temps being significantly above freezing both during the day and at night we […]

Ice Rink & More – Update

02/09/2020 – We hope to have an ice rink for Valentines/Presidents weekend/week weather and illness withstanding. We still need the permit for the generator as well. On another front we are in contact with an elementary school about doing a presentation to help out with an “International Night” they will be holding near the end […]

2020 Winter Games – Update

We were able to get about an hour of competition recorded along with some of the final award presentations. The award presentations were going on as other events were occurring so unfortunately we were not able to get all of the awards recorded, all forms of competition, nor could we get team shots. The rain […]