We're totally hands-on

Hands - On


Build a Viking Longboat

Our projects definitely are hands-on.

Take – Log Splitting 101 – you’ll learn a skill and  appreciate how Vikings did things.

Great exercise too – LOL


Winternights Festival

A festival requires all hands on deck.

Organizing, preparing for, holding, and actively participating in an annual event is doable thanks to volunteers like you.


For the Community

Home 4d Holidays Video

Reaching out to help, inform,  or provide to others in the community.

Be it sharing about the community via the internet or  local cable TV specials, or by offering activities, or a public service to residents.


Quality of Life

Improve the quality of life, promote the arts, health, culture, and well being of the community, its residents, or visitors to it

Vikings Norse Culture

Creating and operating programs that research, inform, and educate all about early Norse way of life, art, culture, food, sports, music, beliefs, and history

Tech Meets Historical

Use historical skills and methods, as well as new technology, as a medium and as subject matter or techniques to be taught

Healthy Lifestyle

Researching and providing activities and education that promote living a healthy lifestyle

Festivals & Events

Hosting and or co-sponsoring events and activities that are consistent with the foundations purpose and By-Laws

Educate & Disseminate

Disseminating information via  pamphlets, the web, or by holding classes open to the general public

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Choose your $Gift Level

Muspelheim Level:
$Gift amount = $1
Bank Fees = $0.32
$ to LSF = $0.68

Niflheim Level:
$Gift amount = $5
Bank Fees = $0.41
$ to LSF = $4.59

Nidavellir Level:
$Gift amount = $10
Bank Fees = $0.52
$ to LSF = $9.48

Svartlheim Level:
$Gift amount = $20
Bank Fees = $0.74
$ to LSF = $19.26

Jotunheim Level:
$Gift amount = $50
Bank Fees = $1.10
$ to LSF = $48.90

Midgard Level:
$Gift amount = $75
Bank Fees = $1.65
$ to LSF = $73.35

Alfheim Level:
$Gift amount = $100
Bank Fees = $2.50
$ to LSF = $97.50

Vanaheim Level:
$Gift amount = $250
Bank Fees = $5.80
$ to LSF = $244.20