Lars & Sven Foundation

Our not-for-profit organization is classified as a “Private Operating Foundation”.

We are a totally hands-on foundation. We are a 501(c)(3).

We actively initiate, manage, offer, and participate in events and projects directly.

Typically museums are “operating” foundations.

The specific purposes of the Lars & Sven Foundation is to be a nonprofit private operating foundation per the regulations and requirements of section 501(c)(3) and section 4947(j)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, as they now exist or as they may hereafter be amended. Its specific purposes are further defined in Article IV of the Articles of Incorporation and include but are not limited to:

• Helping build healthier communities and towns by researching, creating, and operating programs & activities that educate, enhance, enrich, or improve the quality of life, promote the arts, health, culture, and well being of the community, its residents, or visitors to it (example – build websites with helpful information about a community for residents or general public to use add links to schools, houses of worship, etc).

• Creating and operating programs and activities that embrace, research, inform, and educate all about early Norse way of life, art, culture, food, sports, music, beliefs, and history (example – hold festivals highlighting early Norse culture with learning and fun activities).

• Using historical skills and methods, as well as new technology, as a medium and as subject matter or techniques to be taught (example – make wood planks from log using Viking methodology and make video of same to provide on web or show in classroom).

• Researching and providing activities and education that promote living a healthy lifestyle( example – provide website with information about substance abuse).

• Hosting and or co-sponsoring events and activities with other non-profit organizations that are consistent with the foundations purpose and By-Laws and as may be approved by the Board.

• Disseminating information via programs, pamphlets, the web, or social media; by holding meetings and/or classes; by hosting events or activities open to the general public; and as feasible using the media, such as public broadcasting, to inform and share.

And the foundation (may) from time to time make distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code, and that are consistent with the foundations purpose and By-Laws and as may be approved by the Board (example – donating proceeds from festival to Northern NJ Veterans Cemetery).

Trustees - Emeritus

The Bartolines
Trustees Emeritus
Trustees & Co-Founders Emeritus

The Bartolines – Richard and Cina both love God, America, their heritage, and giving. They loved a lot more, including of course their children, but as trustees and co-founders emeritus that list embodies them.

Appreciation for and love of their Scandinavian heritage, as well as their giving nature, continues on within the foundation.

Richard spent a large portion of his life on the sea, or rather in it, aboard Naval submarines. Project DISIR a Viking longship is possible due to him, and as an engineer he no doubt will watch over its construction to make sure it is sea worthy and true to its ancestors.

Cina spent a lot of time on the water too though usually aboard a racing sailboat. Her giving nature and love of sharing her heritage is known by anyone who came in contact with her. The foundation ice rink, not only will bear a memorial plague for her, but is only possible thanks to her.

- Trustees -

Trustee (Chair)

*G.M. – more nfo coming.

Trustee (Vice Chair)

*M.B. – more info coming.

Trustee (Treasurer - Secretary)

*C.L. – more info coming.

*We didn't post actual full names for safety, hackers, spammers, etc. This information is available from federal & state agencies.

Volunteers - Gift Givers

Gave A Hand

Honorary Gold Volunteer - Emeritus

CHET – (Herman Baruth)

Chet, the name we all knew and loved him by, is still among us in spirit. His willingness to give to others (all) was only exceeded by his humility and kindness. Chet was ready to volunteer, indeed even if one wasn’t looking for volunteers LOL. He just was that caring and giving often even when he might be the one who could use assistance but did not ask. Along with his smile and nature the Korean War cap, so often on his head, is how many of us remember him. 

Gave A Gift

Gift Realms

Muspelheim – $1, Niflheim – $5, Nidavellir – $10, Svartalheim – $20, Jotunheim – $50, Midgard – $75, Alfheim – $100, Vanaheim – $250, Asgard – $?(you decide)

2021 GIFTS

Asgard ($400) – anonymous
Nidavellir ($10) – Wayne B.
Asgard ($91.50) – Donations in Car Show (Give a Gift) box
Asgard ($150) – anonymous
Asgard ($326) – Donations in WNF (Give a Gift) box

2020 GIFTS

Asgard ($300) – anonymous
Svartlheim ($25) – Gift in Memory of  “Cosamina & Franco Acitelli
Asgard ($79) – Donations in Car Show (Give a Gift) box
Asgard ($278) – Donations in WNF (Give a Gift) box

2019 GIFTS

Vanaheim ($250) – Wayne A.
Asgard ($50) – Donations in Scanfest (Give a Gift) box
Asgard ($750) – anonymous
Asgard ($198) – anonymous
Asgard ($250) – Donations in WNF (Give a Gift) box

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