Hail all! It has been a long time since we have done an update let alone done any activities.. We apologize but hope everyone appreciates these have been difficult times with Covid. We hope you are well health wise and in life in general..

We plan on holding Winternights Festival again this fall. Though not official yet we do hope to also hold a charity Truck/Car show again as well. One of our trustees is still in PT from Covid and one while not in PT is still not back to 100% so we need to be cautious in our planning..

We would like to start classes as it seems that is once again feasible even though Covid is not totally gone.

Among the classes we are contemplating are Viking period pottery/cookware, Nael binding (form of knitting), tablet weaving (loom created decorations, belts, narrow weaves), log/wood splitting, crafting the items for doing these things, and bread making including grains and grinding flour..

Stay safe .. good health .. and safe journey to all.