11/07/2019 – We had projected and sketched Freya image on stone but it poured all night into the next day which washed away half of it before it dried. Here are 2 photos of the process which we repeated 2 days ago. Nice thing about doing it this way is one can move and rescale the image on the projector to line up with existing remaining image. This way it is complete and proportional. The image is smaller than on the old stone and looks small on this stone, though the overall height and width are the same. However we still need to add Freya’s Aett to the top of the stone and in the flat area below her cats and shield we will put a runic inscription.

We went to carve it yesterday and it, excuse the pun, was rock hard already so it will take days to do it. We also noticed what may be some flaking in areas. So rather than proceed and to let the stone fully cure (28 days +) she will be put on hold until the spring. This way winter can freeze and thaw and if anything is going to give it will. Then in the spring we will do the carving (or hopefully not needed repairs).

If you have suggestions for the inscription please let us know. Remember it will be done in runes and needs to be phonic. On the old stone we had ‘Freya the Fair’ as in fair skinned and fair decider of warriors final fate.

Projected Image on Stone (noctice rectangle of light)
Image Sketched on Stone (for carving)

This winter, in the coming months, we will still be working on this project as part of it has to do with creating an educational video about the process and on Freya. We have a far amount of video and still shots to go through, edit, add text, and add audio sound track to. Hail Freya!


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