10/23/2019 – Clean up and a little resting after the festival is done, Rest was allowed (forced lol) by rain. Yesterday began working on fixing and finishing Freya runestone. Looking at it after resting it wasn’t as awful as we imagined but we did still have concerns on potential chipping or breaking of parts of the front. Working on those areas with hand tools it became apparent they were actually very solid still we needed to rough up the surface to allow putting a final ‘cloak coat’ on her. One has to do this within a short period of time or it will not allow bonding correctly. It appears it was adhering well and we got a nice first layer on. Today Thur we will add a second ‘final cloak coat’ on her. We will then wrap her up to hold moisture in and help curing and bonding. In four or 5 days we will begin carving her new image in hopefully and then rewrap her for another 20 days. Wrapping also helps retain heat of curing to prevent cracks and get proper adhesion and solid curing. We have, as we mentioned we would, been making video recordings of the process to edit as part of making a tutorial on the process as well as on Freya’s runes.


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