12/08/2019 –

Another week has passed but unfortunately not without a major snow that impacted our area. Sadly many were without power and/or suffered damage from it. Since several inches of snow with ice underneath it still is on the area the rink is to be set up in the proposed use of it during Christmas/Winter break is becoming harder to achieve. That and now we are on our 4th electrician that ends up being no-shows when it comes to getting an approval from township for a temporary generator on site.
Add to the above the time sync of holiday tasks now starting to eat up blocks of time we may have to again alter planned dates for the rink. We are not giving up at this point but are hesitant to advertise (promote it) until such time as its a 90% certainty. We may see if the township will allow us to change the date again without submitting another application. If they will then the best fall back date it appears would be Presidents week. Many are off for several days then and weather withstanding we hopefully can find a responsible electrician by then.