With the car show behind us we are once again working on Winternights Festival and preparations for it. It now is only 6 weeks away (Sun 10/25).

Last night we projected an image onto the Freya runestone. We made a preliminary tracing of it on the stone. We were happy to find that the overnight rain didn’t wash it off as has happened to the prior tracing.

We also were able to move the projector further back so we could increase the size of the image on the stone. We felt the prior one was slightly small so perhaps that is why Thor scrubbed it with a water wash.

In the coming days, still raining today, we will add a more durable marking/engraving using the tracing as our guide. This keeps us on schedule for having all 3 runestones ready for this years Winternights Festival. We then can use the remaining 6 weeks to prepare for it. The grounds are in fairly good shape as we worked on that in preparation for the just held LSF car show.