Lars & Sven Foundation 2020 Charity Car Show

Sunday Sept 6 1:00 to 5:00

THANK YOU - Entrants and Attendees

Total Donations for Day $73

Welcome to the Lars & Sven Foundation’s first charity car show. Pre-registration and approval was required to exhibit. This helped us meet Covid guidelines.

We had 2 proposed layouts depending on whether we have 3 or 4 lanes of vehicles. We ended up using 3 lanes.

We’d like to thank our entrants and all visitors. Total donations including all sales of food/beverages came to $72. The Foundation “THANKS YOU”.

The original flyer with all information is below the images. If you need you may contact us by email at: carshow(at)larsandsven(dot)org

Layout with 3 Lanes
Layout with 4 Lanes
Covid Enter & Exit Lanes
Early Entrants Chat
Acitelli's '64 Beetle
1996 Ford Ranger & Owner
LSF Charity Car Show Flyer


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