Educational - Classes / Training / Videos / Articles

Part of the Lars & Sven Foundations mission and purpose is to provide information and educational material on the Vikings, their culture, their activities,and more.. We do this by holding classes, providing training, holding events, providing literature, articles, videos, creating replica period artifacts,etc.

We offer that here

Upcoming Classes - Training

Now that Covid restrictions have been all but lifted in NJ we look forward to being able to hold classes and training in the near future.

We will list them here along with curriculum and dates in the near future.

Check back here, on our FB page, and/or get added to our mailing list to know when and what we will be offering. 

  • Building loom for tablet weaving
  • Viking tablet weaving
  • Building Viking era furnace / brick style
  • Naelbinding / nail knitting
  • Viking bread including grinding grains
  • Viking log splitting / plank  making
  • Runes & rune reading
  • and more..

Educational Videos

The foundation realizes that in today’s world videos are a great and/or preferred way to learn things. We will be creating and providing them here along with links to them.

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