Events to Attend

We will be updating our events page and list of events as needed based on COVID guidelines and or other gotcha.

Technically one may not consider “classes” or “training” as events but we will be offering those too. 

Midlife Crisis - Truck / Car / Bike Show

Sat Aug 28, 2021 (1-5pm) - Rain Date Sun Aug 29, 2021

Event will occur using NJ Covid Guidelines current on date of event.

Labor Day Weekend - Car / Truck Show

Sunday Sept 6, 2020 - subject to permit approval

Event will be occur using NJ Covid Guidelines from 1pm until 5pm

President's Week Skating Event

Feb 15th until Feb 23rd 2020 - subject to permits

Follow updates on this on our Huggins-Monnin Blog
Sorry Cancelled for this year (2020)

Home for the Holidays - (H4dH) Event

Sorry - Cancelled for this Year (2019)

Subject to Vernon Township approval coming this holiday season – refrigerated Ice Rink.

Our main event each year is our “Winternights Viking Festival”. It is held on the Sunday the week before Halloween. This year it will be on Oct 20th, 2019. The gate has gone and will again this year go to the North Jersey Veterans Memorial Cemetery. Helping a 501(c)(3) that honors the spirits of those that gave in battle is consistent with this Viking Festival. Plus it does so while offering you the opportunity to enjoy a day learning about Vikings, old Norse culture, activities, and more. For more information please visit: Winternights Viking Festival

Educators - Historians - Enactments

Viking Reenactors HOARDE

– Members of the NY/NJ/Pa chapter will be here.




They however won’t just be displaying these items. They will be reenacting the fighting style and techniques of Vikings. Watch as they demonstrate techniques for striking and defending oneself in battle


Small Vikings are not forgotten and they have mini versions of everything for them to learn with and be taught. Yes teaching of the young is not only important but something this group really enjoys and is good at


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