2024 President's Week Public Ice Rink

(Feb 17, 2024 - Feb 25, 2024)

Community event to promote healthy living, family activities, community building activities.

This event is a proposed community event held President’s week to promote healthy living (exercise), family activities, and as a community building activity. We had hoped this would be an annual event for residents of Vernon but Covid prevented that. We may file additional permits for weekends after Presidents week to allow staying under 15 day per year regulation.

The rink would be open to residents for free though signing of waivers would be necessary to use it. Based on research the size of the skating surface is considered a small to medium surface 28’x56′. This research also suggests based on sq ft per person that the maximum comfortable skating amount would be 15 individuals at a time. The surfaces will only be available for limited hours to take into consideration driving at night for seniors, potential noise (?) element, and not needing to not provide additional lighting for area. The area would be fenced in with snow fencing and appropriate warning / usage signage. The area may be closed as needed for inclement weather as there will not be a roof or tent covering it. We are proposing using of a chiller and generator to provide Ice as temperatures may not allow natural ice formation.


Proposed Layout


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