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We are a incorporated in the State of  NJ as a not-for-profit “Private Operating” Foundation.


We are a 501(c)3 having received our IRS exemption effective 03/26/2019. Donations are fully tax deductible consistent with IRS and state codes.

One may also donate one’s time or skills to help with our events or projects or the foundation in general. Indeed volunteers are Welcome and Appreciated.

If you would like make a monetary donation you have the option to donate to a particular activity or to the foundation in general. Please read the section on Donations  in our Terms of Use – Privacy Policy 


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Currently only mail in is available..sorry for inconvenience and delay while we work on implementing a processing method. Also given the current hardship so many are facing due to the virus we felt asking you to give is inappropriate. We will be using STRIPE to process transactions. They offer non-profits reduced processing fees.

Lars & Sven Foundation

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Muspelheim Level:
$Gift amount = $1
Bank Fees = $0.32
$ to LSF = $0.68

Niflheim Level:
$Gift amount = $5
Bank Fees = $0.41
$ to LSF = $4.59

Nidavellir Level:
$Gift amount = $10
Bank Fees = $0.52
$ to LSF = $9.48

Svartlheim Level:
$Gift amount = $20
Bank Fees = $0.74
$ to LSF = $19.26

Jotunheim Level:
$Gift amount = $50
Bank Fees = $1.10
$ to LSF = $48.90

Midgard Level:
$Gift amount = $75
Bank Fees = $1.65
$ to LSF = $73.35

Alfheim Level:
$Gift amount = $100
Bank Fees = $2.50
$ to LSF = $97.50

Vanaheim Level:
$Gift amount = $250
Bank Fees = $5.80
$ to LSF = $244.20