Viking Festival – update

Friend/neighbor has given us OK to use their pickup to get clay soil for festival. Would go today except after all the rain ground is soft to drive a fully loaded truck on it. Hope to have cob/brick puddling party next? weekend 17th .. stay tuned.

2023/12th WNF – update

Work is beginning in earnest now on preparing grounds and events for this years festival.. We are modifying the way we build the Viking furnace.. Instead of using a large multifaceted /sides soapstone, which we believe led to cracking of last years, we have high temperature ceramic tubes on order.. Another Viking culture learning event […]

2023 Memorial Day Parade Video

We are happy to report that all of the information gathering and subsequent editing of this years Vernon Township Memorial Day Parade is done. It is posted on our YouTube channel. We will add info and links to it here on our site as well as on our FB page.

2023 – 12th WNF Oct 22nd

We just updated the Winternights Viking Festival website to reflect this year’s festival information. Currently we know ‘Sons of Odin’ and ‘A Touch of Glass and then Some’ will be returning. If you are a vendor / presenter / educator that matches our venue please contact us and join us this year.

Mud Party – Stomping mud to make Forge Bricks

This year at our annual Winternights Viking Festival we will again be smelting iron ore into iron.. Our last two attempts did not go as well as we had hoped but we have made improvements based on what we learned.. We will be making a major change this year that should allow a good smelt..  […]

June Update

Heat has been a factor as no AC in LSF computer area so apologize for not being able to work on videos.. They take a lot of time to load and edit.. We did verify though and have good recorded material of both this years parade and the June car show. The car show after […]

Event – Moved to Rain Date

Rain expected all morning .. thunderstorms rest of day .. Midlife Crisis Truck/Bike/Car show is being moved to rain date – tomorrow Sun 25th. We are calling this at 7:30am for those that might be driving from further away ..

Reminder- Update – Charity Truck / Bike / Car Show

One week from today – Sat Jun 24th (rain date Sunday) . While the title says ‘show’ this event is about community and camaraderie. Enjoying seeing and talking, and learning and sharing about what was and what can be done by you and others.. Wether you have a pristine restoration, a modified monster, or a […]

Memorial Day – 2023 – Parade and Update

Hope all had a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.. thanks to all those that served or are serving.. Thanks to our local VFW for once again hosting a wonderful Memorial Day parade. As LSF has done in the past this event was captured on video. We will edit it some and then post it […]

LSF 3rd Midlife Crisis Truck/Bike/Car Show

Midlife for the vehicles aka pre 1989 vehicles 35+yrs date of manufacture. The Lars & Sven Foundation intends to hold our 3rd Charity Car/Truck Show on the grounds of the Vernon Nordic House at 233 State Route 94, Vernon NJ. The show will be Jun 24th from 1pm until 5pm. Rain Date is Jun 25th. […]