Restoration help – updates

We removed the remaining printed runes from the rune wall.. it is in the plans this year to replace the printed ones with wood or other sturdier ones.. we examined the runestones and the engraving is fine after winter.. all that remains to fill with paint.If anyone is interested in doing or helping with these […]

2022 – WNF – update

We have updated the Winternights Festival dot com website. The home page is now for the 2022 event with 2021 being moved to under past festivals. It appears that ‘A Touch of Glass … and then some’ will be returning again so they have been added to the 2022 vendors page.

2021 – 10 WNF video update

We are happy to announce that the foundation has finished editing and uploading the “2021- 10th Winternights Viking Festival” video.. One of our favorite vendors was unable to attend due to prior commitment but we had some great new presenters educators organizations join us.. The foundation also had new areas, exhibits, and presentations as well. […]

2020 – 9th WNF video posted

We finished editing the photos and videos we had from our 9th annual Winternights Viking Festival.. Covid was a big factor but the foundation was able to donate $178 to the veterans cemetery from this festival.. In this video we now can show and thank all that were part of it..

2022 Winternights Festival Update

We updated the WNF website to show this years festival as the home page including the date for this year.. We started editing the video/pics from the 2021 and 2020 WN festivals. We hope to have them both done and posted by end of next week (4/29).

LSF 8-28-21 Car Show Video

We are happy to announce that we have finished editing and uploading of the videos we took at our 2nd annual car show held Aug 8, 2021. It is a 5 min video. It and a few stills from the show are now on this website. The video may also be viewed directly on Youtube..

2022 Spring Update

Hail all! It has been a long time since we have done an update let alone done any activities.. We apologize but hope everyone appreciates these have been difficult times with Covid. We hope you are well health wise and in life in general.. We plan on holding Winternights Festival again this fall. Though not […]

2021- 10th WNF $ to NNJVMC – $208

The tallies are in. This year even with low attendance LSF will be able to give the NNJVMC (Northern New Jersey Veterans Memorial Cemetery) a grand total of $208. Direct donations for NNJVMC came to $82. In addition, as in the past, the Vernon Nordic House donated food sales revenue which added another $126 to […]

2021- 10th Winternights Viking Festival -update

While the attendance was far less than anticipated, no doubt due to less than hospitable weather, the event itself was awesome. The wares that were available, the demonstrations, the exhibits, the camaraderie,  the food all were top notch. It truly is a shame that so many missed so much. We’ll be posting more here, on […]

2021- 10th Winternights Viking Festival – Update

One thing we are hoping to expand (add) this year is our Viking Village area. The plan is to show what foods and how they might have been (were) prepared.. It of course would vary from village to village let alone from country to country (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, etc). We are limited to some […]