2024 WNF – Update 04/06/24

Our plans for this year include potentially opening open a previously unused area. There is a sloped lawn area behind the Nordic House. This provides an area for sitting on the lawn that is isolated from most of the road generated sounds. A small stage, backdrop, and/or screen is possible at the bottom of the […]

Winternights Viking Festival – 10/19/2024

Our 13th Annual Winternights Viking Festival will be held on Sat October 19th, 2024 from 11:30 to 3:30/4. The venue is again at the Vernon Nordic House on Rte 94. Watch for updates on LSF’s WinternightsFestival.com / .org site as well as on FB page.

Another Nordic Event Canceled

Another cultural event we got invited to now is also canceled. This one is in Delaware and held at a Swedish historical site. It was to be next weekend. We are guilty of reaching out late with invites to our WNF in October but we feel it is more important than ever to hold it […]

LSF Ice Rink – 03/23 Update

Sadly, as far as rink goes, the weather has been warm with the forecast into next week also warm.. Plans for rink appear to not fit in with God’s plans for this year.. God willing maybe next year.. Least it was easier on peoples heating needs.

LSF Ice Rink – 03/01 Update

Good news is our ankle healed enough to do a review of the rink after the heavy winds we had this week. Really good news is no damage and while a few twigs no major branches or other damaging debris on it.. We just received a weather alert that we may receive up to 2″ […]

LSF Ice Rink – 02/25 Update

Last cold day for foreseeable future with temps climbing into 50’s almost 60 by Wed. Ankle has been wrapped up and expect in another 2 days will be able to walk on it comfortably finally. Can then examine rink though will be more of a pool than a rink.

LSF Ice Rink – 02/18 Update

Sadly while weather is currently cold we still can’t work on rink or be able to open/manage it due to an ankle injury we suffered this past Monday. Still another week in February and all of March to hopefully have a period where it can be made available for skating.

LSF Ice Rink – 02/15 Update

Sadly the recent snow storm arrived before the freezing temps. Without ice underneath shoveling the rink might damage the liner. Temps next week will be rising up to 50 as well. Due to this we will have to postpone and/or potentially cancel a rink for this year. We will post any updates as conditions warrant/change.

LSF Ice Rink – 02/11 Update

Storm outlook continues to be an issue.. Not just snow but also the gusting high winds that may do damage.. Looks like will need to postpone or cancel. Rink though is replaceable.. everyone stay safe.

LSF Ice Rink – 02/10 Update

Weather has been in rink’s favor so far but unfortunately it may throw a wrench in LSF’s plans. Looks like a major snow plus the anticipated polar vortex for freezing it may not be arriving / arriving in time. Heavy snow covering though is major factor without ice already in place that snow could be […]