Marshmallow Madness – 11/26

We scheduled our first a week ago but due to high winds (fire safety) we canceled it. A second attempt was for yesterday 11/26 from 4pm to 7pm. The event is to help promote community family, health, well being, camaraderie, and back to nature (vs electronics) activities. Our 1st Marshmallow Madness, second attempt, was unique.. […]

Marshmallow Madness – Community

Included in foundations mission is ‘community’. Our events are partially decided with that in mind. We currently kept the fire pit from the recent Viking festival in place to use for that as well.. A nice community/family/friends event we will host is “Marshmallow Madness”. The foundation will provide a roaring fire, safe sticks(stainless skewers), and […]

WNF Viking Festival Update – 11/16

As in the past LSF passed along the WNF donations to the Northern NJ Veterans Memorial Cemetery on Veterans Day. Still doing some knock down of festival exhibits and moving of them aka the large log from log splitting. It is Nov and the foundation is working now on prepping for, fingers crossed, setting up […]

WN Viking Festival Follow-Up – 10/27

We have been cleaning, knocking down, and putting things away following our Viking festival.. It is important to access what went well, what didn’t, and learn from it. It’s not a failure if one uses it as a learning experience as that is how we learn/improve.. Big take away from knocking down furnace is that […]

WN Viking Festival Final Tally – 10/26

Final numbers from 2022 Winternights Viking Festival  Direct donations into donation box = $69Donation of all Nordic House sales = $205Vendor fees (1 vendor) donated to = $40————————————————————Total amount to be given to NNJVC = $314 It would be appropriate for LSF to keep a portion of this to go towards being able to hold […]

WN Viking Festival (follow up) – 10/24

THANK YOU attendees and donors! While the sun was not present most of the day – those of you that were here didn’t see rain either a big plus. We want to thank ‘A Touch of Glass and’ for returning as a vendor .. again great wares as well as great people.. Thank you to […]

WN Viking Festival Update -10/20

Fell behind today .. it was important to get fires going in all three areas to cure the clay unfortunately while no rain and sun there was wind. It was high and gusted every now and then.. We just did not want to take the chance.. The breeze also kept the furnace uneven in temp […]

WN Viking Festival Update – 10/19

OK .. furnace is constructed ..  finished forming wedges (still need to seal them prior to using), got one side of longship ready for paint should be able to finish other side today, formed forges clay bowl and sides so its almost ready to use (need to build up dirt around bowl).  Working on clay […]

WN Viking Festival Update – 10/14

Good news the rain never became torrential so no damage to encampment area.. We left the forge mound we had built up with dirt uncovered. Light sprinkling of clay dust over it.. The rain did as we hoped helping compress it and bond it better than stomping on it with our boots could do.. We […]

WN Viking Festival Update – 10/13

Good thing rain had us working on rune wall image.. If had waited longer we might not get it in time.. looks like now we will have two days to put it up.. Like the image though when they become full size they don’t always look the same.. next up is finishing the 1st inflatable […]