Update – Heimdall Runestone

We successfully completed carving of Freya Runestone. We have now begun carving/engraving of the Heimdall stone.. It is a different in texture, composition, and hardness but after a few hours two nights in a row it is more than a third done.. We expect to have it completed by Wed evening.. rain today is preventing […]

Carving of Runestones – Update

In preparation for this years Winternights Viking Festival we wanted to finally get our Freya and Heimdall runestones carved/engraved. The bits we got last year though diamond coated did not work. We found that coarser grade ones are available which we then purchased.. Yesterday we started using them and indeed they do a good job. […]

2021-10th Winternights Festival – Update

Think major landscaping is done now.. timely harder stuff per se.. In addition to opening up area where huge rose bush was we now have cleared back around both Heimdall’s rune and the Rune Wall area.. the hops are still in the one area but they will be cut back before the festival (not a […]

10th – Winternights Festival 2021 – Update

It is only 6 weeks now until the 10th Annual Winternights Festival on Oct 24th. We just ordered heavier grit diamond bits for carving into our Freya and Heimdall runestones. In addition to that we are still working on clearing areas that have become overgrown, re-doing the planking on the longboat planter out front, hopefully […]

LSF Midlife Crisis Truck/Car Show Update

Thank you to those that participated and/or attended todays car show.. Any precipitation in area held off and we were left with a very comfortable day despite the high humidity. Any shortfall in numbers was made up for with the quality of vehicles on display (over 302 yrs worth) along with the quality of people […]

LSF Midlife Crisis Truck-Car-Bike Show

Midlife for the vehicles aka pre 1981 vehicles 40+yrs date of manufacture. The Lars & Sven Foundation intends to hold our 2nd Charity Car/Truck Show on the grounds of the Vernon Nordic House at 233 State Route 94, Vernon NJ. The show will be Aug 28th from 1pm until 5pm. Rain Date is Aug 29th. […]

Winternights Festival 2021 – 10th Annual

Due to the impact from COVID in the past year(s) upon the foundation and/or individual trustees this site and/or the Winternights Festival site has not been kept up. We also moved both sites to a new web host which impacted it being available and/or updated in a timely manner. We apologize for this and for […]

Site & Winter Nights Update

We have made some changes to both websites including menu links to each other. Under Activities on LSF site one can choose to go to Winternights Festival website. On WNF site there is a link to this (foundation) website. The WNF website now has pages and info about this year’s 9th 2020 Winter Nights Festival […]

Winternights Festival 2020

Two items –First: We are pleased that Viking Re-enactors HOARDE – Members of the NY/NJ/Pa group will be returning this year to Winternights Festival.. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and the battlefield will not be subject to soaking rain. They do not just do battle but are there to educate all as well https://winternightsfestival.com/2019-educators-enactments/ Second: […]

Update on Projects – 09/10

With the car show behind us we are once again working on Winternights Festival and preparations for it. It now is only 6 weeks away (Sun 10/25). Last night we projected an image onto the Freya runestone. We made a preliminary tracing of it on the stone. We were happy to find that the overnight […]