2020 Winter Games – Feb 2-4

This years Special Olympics Winter Games at Mountain Creek & Skylands Arena will be held on Feb 2, 3, & 4th. The opening ceremonies are on the night of the 3rd at MC in Vernon, NJ at 7:30 pm. We plan on being there to film the opening ceremonies and meet with some of the […]

Presidents Wk Skate Update

01/08/2020 – Good news the person we had high hopes for was attending to family (we concur family always comes first). So they will be working on getting the electric permit we need from the town for the generator. This is great news and there is a second part to it but as that is […]

President’s Week Skate

12/30/2019 – An open to the public ice skating event to help build community and promote health and wellness. This event will (hopefully?) run from Sat Feb 15th until the following Sunday Feb 23rd. Enjoy skating in the great outdoors with family, friends, siblings, etc. Skating will be limited to 15 on the rink at […]

H4dH Ice Rink – canceled

12/24/2019 – Sadly we had to cancel our H4dH Skating event. We will continue to try and find an electrician that will help us get the permit we need to use a generator at our event(s). We have already talked with the town and will be submitting an application for a “Presidents Week” ice rink […]

H4dH Rink Update

12/19/2019 – Drat another dump of snow and no word yet from electrician. Getting too close to impossible to have ready for Christmas/Hanukah break next week? Sorry. Presidents Week maybe?

H4dH Rink Update

12/16/2019 – Fifth electrician stopped in today. Sees no issues with doing it. Will contact township tomorrow. That said others got this far and then never returned. Don’t think that will be the case this time. Lets home my hunch is right. Unfortunately tonight’s forecast is another one with significant snow in it which would […]

H4dH Rink Update

12/14/2019 – Another week and now 4 electricians that have not shown up after initial meetings with them. Due to this we have reduced the number of days for the event as getting permit and work done makes finishing this by Friday the 20th impractical if not impossible. On a hopeful note a 5th one […]

H4dH Rink Update

12/08/2019 – Another week has passed but unfortunately not without a major snow that impacted our area. Sadly many were without power and/or suffered damage from it. Since several inches of snow with ice underneath it still is on the area the rink is to be set up in the proposed use of it during […]

H4dH Rink Update

11/30/2019 – Possible significant snow starting tomorrow night. We may pull back the underliner folding it in the process. Unfortunately this may impact the rink setup. Monday-Tue a 4th electrician we contacted is supposedly going to stop by and possibly get the paperwork rolling with the town for use of a generator. Having more than […]

H4dH Rink Update

11/23/2019 – Phase 1 – white rink under liner positioned. Did it today before tonight into tomorrow rain. This so we can see any ultra low spots or obvious craters where the rain gathers. We can then pull it back and if small enough use some sand/dirt to help level them out. We also first […]