H4dH Rink Update

12/08/2019 – Another week has passed but unfortunately not without a major snow that impacted our area. Sadly many were without power and/or suffered damage from it. Since several inches of snow with ice underneath it still is on the area the rink is to be set up in the proposed use of it during […]

H4dH Rink Update

11/30/2019 – Possible significant snow starting tomorrow night. We may pull back the underliner folding it in the process. Unfortunately this may impact the rink setup. Monday-Tue a 4th electrician we contacted is supposedly going to stop by and possibly get the paperwork rolling with the town for use of a generator. Having more than […]

H4dH Rink Update

11/23/2019 – Phase 1 – white rink under liner positioned. Did it today before tonight into tomorrow rain. This so we can see any ultra low spots or obvious craters where the rain gathers. We can then pull it back and if small enough use some sand/dirt to help level them out. We also first […]

H4dH Update- Ice Rink Dates

11/22/2019 – Today we received our approval from the township to hold our Home for the Holidays Ice Skating Event. We had to shorten what our original proposed dates for it were. This as this is a limit on how many days per year a single entity may host event(s). This actually will probably be […]

Veterans Day Tribute

11/11/2019 – Today, in keeping with honoring and paying tribute to our Veterans, the Northern NJ Veterans Memorial Cemetery was given a $120 donation. This was what was raised/collected at this years Winternights Festival. Thanks to all that helped us to be able to do that but most of all THANK YOU to our veterans, […]

Freya Update

11/07/2019 – We had projected and sketched Freya image on stone but it poured all night into the next day which washed away half of it before it dried. Here are 2 photos of the process which we repeated 2 days ago. Nice thing about doing it this way is one can move and rescale […]

H4dH – Ice Rink update

11/05/2019 – Activities permit is making its way through township. We will need an electric permit from building dept for the generator to chiller wiring. Met with them to confirm what they would like to see. We also reached out to two local electricians (believe in local 1st) and one returned our call as well […]

Home4dHolidays – Ice Rink

10/28/2019 – Today we officially started the process for our 1st Home for the Holidays event. The temporary activity permit was submitted to the township for zoning approval and to get feedback from departments on anything they may require or suggest. This 1st H4dH event is scheduled to run from 12/14/2019 through 01/05/2020 . For […]

Freya Update

10/23/2019 – Clean up and a little resting after the festival is done, Rest was allowed (forced lol) by rain. Yesterday began working on fixing and finishing Freya runestone. Looking at it after resting it wasn’t as awful as we imagined but we did still have concerns on potential chipping or breaking of parts of […]

2019 Festival Update – Recap

10/21/2019 – Thanks to all that attended, participated, helped as volunteers. Even with all the rain this years event (hand-in donations & food sales) raised $120 for the Northern NJ Veterans Cemetery. Freya was generous, as was Thor with the rain LOL. Next years festival will be held on Sunday Oct 25th, 2020.