Site & Winter Nights Update

We have made some changes to both websites including menu links to each other. Under Activities on LSF site one can choose to go to Winternights Festival website. On WNF site there is a link to this (foundation) website. The WNF website now has pages and info about this year’s 9th 2020 Winter Nights Festival […]

Winternights Festival 2020

Two items –First: We are pleased that Viking Re-enactors HOARDE – Members of the NY/NJ/Pa group will be returning this year to Winternights Festival.. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and the battlefield will not be subject to soaking rain. They do not just do battle but are there to educate all as well Second: […]

Update on Projects – 09/10

With the car show behind us we are once again working on Winternights Festival and preparations for it. It now is only 6 weeks away (Sun 10/25). Last night we projected an image onto the Freya runestone. We made a preliminary tracing of it on the stone. We were happy to find that the overnight […]

Videos now on Youtube

We have created a “youtube channel” for the foundation. We also created our first playlist on moving the “TYR” runestone. It is a playlist instead of just a single video as it was over 12 minutes as a single video. We have uploaded 2 of the 6 videos that will be part of the playlist: […]

LSF Car Show 09/03 Update

Work continues on preparation for the foundations first charity car show to help raise $$ for the public ice rink (fuel to run generators). The Covid directional lanes have been marked along with respective “Enter” and “Exit” to the main show area. Additional markers to denote spaces and a few to remind all of what […]

Update on Projects – 8/31

The “TYR” runestone has been moved to its new location. Its new location is 5′ up and 10′ back from where it was. It now is not immediately next to the cedar tree that grew up beside it. This was the 2nd of 3 runestone tasks we planned to work on this year. The third […]

LSF Car Show – Update

The LSF Car Show on Labor Day weekend has been approved. A flyer is made and should be out and about. We also have added a page to this website that is dedicated to the car show. (Go to car show page) It contains an online pre-registration form. PRE-REGISTRATION AND APPROVAL are REQUIRED to exhibit. […]

LSF Charity Car/Truck Show

The Lars & Sven Foundation intends to hold a Charity Car/Truck Show on the grounds of the Vernon Nordic House at 233 State Route 94, Vernon NJ. The show will be Sept 6, 2020 from 1pm until 5pm. Donations will go towards helping the foundation provide a free public ice rink during winter holidays and […]

Update on Projects – 07/29

Projects Update – 07/29/20 Yesterday (last night) we created a video on restoring the Heimdall runestone. The video contains steps we did to add a tracing of the worn off image (aged) of Heimdall. This is just the preliminary step of restoring it but now an image is once again visible on the stone. We […]

Update on Events

Due to the heat, intensity of the sun, and continuing Covid concerns we have not been doing much other than planning. That said our current plans now include possibly holding a car?/truck?/motorcycle? show on Labor Day weekend. This idea is being looked at since this years (2020) Scanfest at Budd Lake was cancelled. The event […]