Hands On Projects

Currently we have 3 large scale active projects.

Foundation Projects

DISIR – Building a Viking Longship – This is a large scale, as in multi-year, project. We are building a slightly smaller scale version of a viking longship based on the Gottstad. As feasible it will be an authentic reproduction using the same tools and methods as how the Vikings made them. We have been working with, and will continue to consult and work with, museums and longship recreation ship builders in Denmark, Iceland, and Norway. Their knowledge and experience is extensive and vital to this project.

Part of this project is allowing foundation members and members of the general public to participate in the construction of the longship along with holding training sessions and creating educational material about Viking Longships.

Ice Rink – Community is very important to the foundation as it was to early Norse people. Being in good health is too.

A free rink for residents of a community and their children to meet at and skate on is consistent with these ideals. It is a costly and regulations bound project but one that once the initial requirements are met should be able to redo every year with far less effort.

It would be available as part of Home4dHolidays (from Thanksgiving to New Years) and then again in February (from Special Olympics to Presidents Week).

Maintenance and Rebuilding of Rune Stones – The foundation will be working on rebuilding the Freya rune stone. We also will be working on the engraving of the Heimdall rune stone. Finally we may try to move the Tyr runestone due to cedar tree that’s growing to close to it. 

Part of all these projects is creating educational videos of each of the processes.

Heimdall Restoration
Initial Re-imaging for Heimdall Restoration

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