Ice Rink for Residents – Community is very important to the foundation as it was to early Norse people. Being in good health is too. Active sport is valuable especially during shorter cold days of winter.

A free rink for residents of a community and their children to meet at and skate on is consistent with these ideals. It is a costly and regulations bound project but one that once the initial requirements are met should be able to redo every year with far less effort.

Our premise is that it would be, thanks to refrigeration and a cover, available for 3 months each year. The 1st and 3rd month with the foundation monitoring it and getting proceeds from donations, skate rentals, and hot coco sales. The month in between it could be managed by other local charities and/or school-church groups to raise money for them.

A second premise is that the foundation would make available to the township, police, fire departments, and or appropriate others during emergencies the mobile generator needed to power the refrigeration system for the ice rink. Since this system is mobile with on board diesel fuel tank and is a powerful 3 phase commercial unit it may be able to help in power outage situations that have occurred in the past. For example after the large ice storm or when local main power transformers went down.


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